The Future of Branding

Anders Sörman-Nilsson (Global EMBA / LLB)

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  • Have you struggled to achieve the brand signal that your role demands?
  • Is "corporate speak" getting in the way of connecting with tomorrow's customers?
  • Has your brand transformed, yet you are struggling to get the word about the "Future Brand" out to customers & media?
  • Does your audience feel less than inspired about your compliance-heavy narrative?
  • Could you boost your brand signal with the power of an independent expert?
  • Are you struggling to transform into the Digital Trust Economy, where 3rd parties are more trusted than Brand Owners?

As a global futurist, my role is to share avant-garde ideas that expand minds and inspire a change of heart. Since 2005, I have passionately been highlighting and accelerating transformational innovations that shape a more humane future.

In my capacity as a futurist and keynote speaker, I have been amplifying brands, ideas, and research on 4 continents to tens of thousands of audiences across every conceivable psychographic and demographic - in person - and augmenting signal via analogue and digital top end international media. I am confident that we can craft your “corporate speak” into engaging, future-oriented narrative that wins both digital minds and analogue hearts. No matter whether you are a B2B or B2C brand I believe you will enjoy the video case studies and infographic on The Future of Brand Ambassadorship, so make sure you grab those now.

Anders Sorman-Nilsson

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Brand Ambassador?
Think of a Brand Ambassador as someone who amplifies a particular type of signal. Have you ever had the experience of a poor wifi connection, which was solved when you installed a wifi booster? Well, a Brand Ambassador is kind of like that. By independently endorsing a brand (and their associated products and services) a Brand Ambassador lends outside weight to a brand's signal and ensures it cuts through noise and competitive signals.
What is a Futurist?
Who is Anders Sorman-Nilsson?