2nd Renaissance Webinar 

with Futurist Anders Sörman-Nilsson

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2nd Renaissance: how to prosper and flourish from new values and behavioural shifts in the emergent Post-COVID19 World

The future arrived sooner than we thought. If digital disruption was the dress rehearsal for your business model’s transformation, COVID19 became the burning platform.

By now, we know that this virus has wreaked havoc on lives and livelihoods. None of us is immune to either type of future shock.  But what does the world beyond the pandemic look like? And how do we prepare ourselves for it? What does the world look like on winter /summer solstice June 22, 2021? And what are the major events that got us there?

Questions abound. And while answers about the future are not definitive, imagining emerging future worlds can help us prepare for tomorrow, and enable us to accelerate out of the curve today.

Welcome to 22 June 2021. Welcome to the 2nd Renaissance.

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In this webinar, we'll unpack:

  • Societal Values Shifts and the ‘New Normal’ 
  • Consumer Behaviour Shifts that will ensure your relevance/irrelevance
  • 10 Megatrends Unleashed by the Coronavirus

  • Cognitive Skills to specialise in for the 2nd Renaissance
  • Themes to invest in and old ideas to discard

  • How to prosper as a 2nd Renaissance Man / Woman




As a global futurist, my role is to share avant-garde ideas that expand minds and inspire a change of heart. Since 2005, I have been passionately highlighting and accelerating transformational innovations that shape a more humane future.

In my capacity as a futurist and keynote speaker, I have decoded trends and deciphered what’s next for thought leaders across the globe. I am confident that I can give you the necessary tools to create a competitive and sustainable path to the future. Together, we shall craft alternate worlds, discuss proactive strategies, and prepare to ride with the digital disruptions.