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2nd Renaissance - The Future of Sustainable Food with Jan Pacas

10 Jan 2022

This week on the 2nd Renaissance we speak with Jan Pacas who is the founder and CEO of alternative protein producer All G Foods. He previously co-founded the ASX-listed pet care services marketplace Mad Paws and HR software company Flare. Jan is a serial entrepreneur who speaks 6 different languages and has global industry experience across digital technology, consumer and financial services, and we discuss what kind of proteins might land on your Christmas table by 2030... 

Sneak Preview on Sustainable Food:


Jan helps us understand why lab-grown proteins are on the rise, the future of the meat industry and why purpose-led entrepreneurship is so important to sustainability.

 Tune into this episode to hear Jan’s insight into the power of technology and how it can transform how we consume food while doing our bit for our sustainable planetary futures. 

Conscious Capitalism with Jan Pacas - Full Episode:



Spotify on Purpose-Led Innovation:

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