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3 digital trends to disrupt your marketing strategy (PT. 2/3)

02 Jul 2015
This is part 2 of my blog post series about 3 digital trends that are changing the future of marketing. So if you have not read part 1 on this blog post series yet, please make sure you do. The trend that I'm going to adress here is Smarter Local Branding Experiences. 
At Thinque we argue that we need smarter local branding experiences. Why you may ask? Because not only are we digitizing, we're also mobilizing - in local contexts. Thanks to today's mobile technology we can find the right context and make smart decisions based on real-time data. 
Nike+ brand experience

Let me share with you a personal experience of when mobile technology, local context and a beautiful interface have helped me. Three years ago I ran the New York Marathon, spontaneously. Dear readers, never ever try this at home. After some carb-loading, which consisted of two beers on a Saturday, I knew that the next day would be very, very difficult. In fact, I knew the last 41-kilometers would really suck. But the thing is, what really helped me was something called Nike+. Nike+ uses technology that ten years ago used be accessible only for professional athletes. But now, in our back pockets we have situationally relevant information that can help us make smarter decisions about our health, and because of gamefied solutions in other contexts of our lives - we can take control of our finances, romantic lives, diets, and driving and much more. 

Nike+ realized that when software engages our digital mobilized minds they start selling more hardware.

Thanks to Nike+ I could see the couple of times where I slowed down my pace and went to the bathroom, or when I sped up to go through more dangerous neighborhoods. This was all relevant to me because I could make smarter decisions about my health, such as never ever to run a marathon ever again. I could get a sense of how I'm competing with people around me and get data on what happened in New York on that day. The app can also provide me with topographical maps so that I can plan my next run even better - should I venture there again. The reason this is all relevant is that Nike used to just sell us hardware, stuff, apparel. Now, they're also in software and they realized that when software engages our digital mobilized minds they start selling more hardware.

Of course, there are other companies that understand the importance of social, local and mobile context. Go Pro is one of those companies, they are not just mobilizing experiences and helping us capture that as the directors of our own life's experiences but they also, through mobile and through YouTube are able to make their customers, their brand heroes.

It's not about the brand being the hero but it's about being an enabler of other people's hero stories. 

The real estate firm Urban Compass is another great example of an organization that have realized the importance of smart local branding experiences. With the help of their app they get hyper local in the communities where they're helping us to pick out real estate even better. Urban Compass offer us a personal concierge and can tell us about, say, Kensington or Notting Hill or Primrose Hill, for example. This is where tradition and technology shows us that they're not mutually exclusive but can rather support one another.  

mobile technology


I have shared these case studies with you because we at Thinque believe that getting extremely mobile, social and local is crucial when talking to the customer of tomorrow. 

Don't forget to read the next and final part of this blog post series on three digital trends that will be disrupt your marketing strategy into the future. In the third blog post I will focus on my final argument - how marketers and businesses can adopt the concept of digital minds & analogue hearts to thrive in today's changing business landscape. We will also offer you readers the key slides from my presentation at 2015 Digital Marketing Forum in Oxfordshire which was organized by Richmond Events, so make sure you revisit this blog. 

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