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B2B Social Media Lab Report: by Thinque and SR7

15 Apr 2012

Almost anywhere you look, there are countless success stories about how businesses can harness the power of social media in order to engage customers, elevate awareness of a brand and improve business processes. However, most of the current literature regarding social media focuses on how businesses can engage individual consumers (B2C), but what about businesses who interact with each other (B2B)? Undoubtedly B2B use of social media is not as prevalent as its B2C cousin, but this should be seen as an opportunity for your business to gain a competitive edge. This report will show that not only is B2B social media going to help your business, it can also be conducted in a cost effective and manageable way.

As with any successful business venture, success in B2B social media requires an understanding of
your market, commitment and most importantly a quality product/service (in this case, useful social media content). The B2B Social Media Lab Report, commissioned jointly between social media think tanks - SR7 and Thinque - will show you, through a variety of best practice examples, how to choose the correct social media platform for your market, how to build social media skills within your organisation and how to convince senior management that social media is improving company profits.

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B2B Social Media Lab Report:

Turning social conversations into commercial conversations


Hub and Spoke of Social Media Analogue v Digital Thinque


This report explores several case studies of next practice examples of future-focussed companies across a variety of industries (financial services, pharmaceuticals, IT, logistics, and consulting) who are using B2B social media to create real ROI. 

B2B Social Media Case Studies

B2B Social Media Case Study Thinque SR7


Find out how you can model and strategically use the social media B2B insights from these companies by complimentary downloading the Executive Summary (perfect for your senior management team) and the B2B Social Media Lab Report: turning social conversations into commercial conversations now.

And if you like to continue the conversation about this report and its findings, please feel free to comment discuss below.

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