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Dealing With Change: Shiftkickers 2012

21 Feb 2012

How can leaders and organisations best equip their teams with the tools and thinking that enables them to deal with change? How do you make change, an evolution which in many cases seems irrational, become the only rational strategic thing to do? How do you as leader create meaning, and help your teams make sense of a constantly shifting business environment? Even if times are good at your organisation, how can you create a vision that produces real movement and buy-in? Do you need to engage in creative destruction, burn your boats, or kill your revenue darlings? Which innovation horizons do you need to focus the team on?

Engage in a conversation with cross-industry international thought leaders on these topics and more at the 2012 Shifkickers Conference - check out the welcome video from facilitators Nils Vesk and Anders Sorman-Nilsson here.


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