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Design Thinking: future of problem-solving

09 Apr 2012

In this interview, Banny Banerjee of Stanford University's and Anders Sorman-Nilsson discuss design thinking and its applicability to new business models and organisational thought leadership. Banny presents several disruptive ideas and case studies of how design thinking is currently overthrowing old business models, and that the future of business might have more to do with community ecosystems, as opposed to one-way consumer conversations. Listen in to Banny and Anders' conversation about Zipcar, Apple, why ownership might be starting to become defunct, and how complex systems are impacting the way you need to think about the future of business.

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  • What do you think about design thinking?
  • How could it be applicable in the way you think about the future of business?
  • How is it relevant from a futurist perspective?


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