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Designing Sustainable Workplaces for Sustainable Innovation

25 Oct 2019

Today’s luxury is tomorrow’s expectation. In 2008, the Economist published research on businesses and sustainability, showing the correlation between a company’s corporate social responsibility and its performance. 57% of executives agree that prioritising sustainability initiatives outweigh the costs; pointing out how these initiatives help reduce energy expenses, bring in new potential customers and improve company reputation. As the Earth’s resources continue to dwindle, success is redefined by how companies can make their business more sustainable.

I interviewed Soren Trampedach, founder of Work Club, on designing sustainable workspaces and creating a healthy economy that benefits both employee and company. The goal is to prioritise the employees’ welfare and health, building spaces that are conducive not only for productive conversation but also personal reflection.


At Work Club, fostering collaboration also means encouraging a healthy amount of isolation. Inspired by his Scandinavian roots, Trampedach purchases furniture with a mindset that these pieces should last for decades. This philosophy brings a sense of home to a place where everyone keeps moving and ensures fewer things need replacing over time. He also works with sellers he personally knows, looking for small businesses or factories that are open about their sourcing and crafting processes. 

At a time where technological disruptions are developing at speeds faster than trees grow, sustainability is a necessity for both the environment and for a long-running business. And as we prepare for the future, it becomes crucial that digital innovations bear this in mind over immediate revenue.


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