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Disruptive Trends: scenario planning the future

08 Oct 2011

How are successful companies dealing with change in business today?

In this Espresso Shot of Ideas, Anders Sorman-Nilsson discusses how disruptive trends forces organisations to focus on scenario planning the future to a whole new degree than before. He provides case studies of how companies like Nokia, Borders, Circuit City and Blockbuster have blinked for a second, and thus gone from being Good to Great to Obsolete within short spaces of time.

Key Take Aways

  • Nokia lost the smart phone race partly as a result of having non-innovative, and non-diverse leadership teams
  • Circuit City could'nt keep up with Moore's Law and lost the consumer electronics race in the US
  • Borders and Blockbuster have been smashed by a shift from analogue to digital thinking and communication

Check out Anders Sorman-Nilsson's book "Thinque Funky: Upgrade Your Thinking" for the latest thoughts on how your organisation can better be dealing with change.

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