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Future Innovation: creativity within constraints

22 Dec 2011

Have you ever wondered what to do in a resource-scarce future? Have you recently been tasked with thinking up an innovation program for your team? Ever been invited to a creativity workshop at a Think Tank aimed at getting analytical people to draw doodles and 'think outside the box'?

What about keeping up in a time of redundancies and 'doing more with less'? Or being charged to 'work smarter, not harder'? These are the mantras of productivity commissioners, time management gurus, and innovation consultants the world over, and hey, I have probably been guilty of using this jargon myself. 

In this Espresso Shot of Ideas video, I will share with you the counter-intuitive key to innovation at a time of budget cutbacks, Eurozone crises, and downgraded ratings:

  • creativity and innovations ensues when you remove a zero from your budget. 
Here's how...




Future Innovation: creativity within contraints


  • What's your future thinking?
  • What's your 2020 Vision for your organisation?
  • What makes people innovative?
  • What are some examples of future focussed innovation?
  • How do you believe innovation and sustainability fit together?
  • What areas of your business could do with an injection of novel thinking?
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