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Future of Design and Creativity - 2nd Renaissance Vodcast with Vince Frost

24 Nov 2020

In the 2nd Renaissance podcast we decode the rebirth of human creativity in a technology-driven world. In 2020, the future arrived sooner than we thought. For some it arrived a little too soon. The year has been a massive disruption for all of us and decimated lives and livelihoods, yet it has also delivered green shoots for the future.

This podcast is about the early dawn of the 2nd Renaissance which is emerging thanks to the confluence of the COVID pandemic and digital acceleration, and the ethos of the embryonic human creativity explosion.

In our inaugural episode global futurist Anders Sorman-Nilsson interviews designer and thinker Vince Frost. We cover concepts such as human-centred design and design thinking and how they can be used to re-design ones life as well as the world. Vince speaks about his personal journey of re-designing his life and health, and the rise of conscious capitalism and why doing well while doing good is the new entepreneurial imperative, and why we are all born creative - no matter whether we are more right brained or left brained and driving home the point of nurturing diversity in organisations. 






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