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Future Trendspots: Digilogue in New Zealand

23 Oct 2014

Good day. Anders Sorman-Nilsson, futurist and the founder of Thinque, broadcasting here from Auckland, New Zealand in another Future Trends Video or from the future as it were in one of the first time zones in the world to see the new light of day. 

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I've been hanging out here in Auckland, New Zealand for the last few days talking about change management and change management particularly from an analogue mode of doing business i.e. belly-to-belly, face-to-face, primarily personality-driven and personal touch-driven, hard touch-driven into a future that is primarily digital i.e. interface-to-interface, high-tech social and rather than being nine to five, now being 24/7, 365.

And as I argue in my latest book, "Digilogue: How to Win the Digital Minds and the Analogue Hearts of Tomorrow's Customers," the transition between these seemingly colliding worlds lies in the convergence of what I call the "digilogue" where truly adaptive companies get that as a change management process, it can be challenging to get people straight away - and this is both internal staff as well as customers.To go from a primarily analogue mode of doing business into a digital future. People will sometimes love to fight the future and people are always down on what they're not up on, and if people are not really up on the latest digital technology or the latest steep socio-cultural, technological, economic, environmental and political trends, people tend to fight it which means change resistance in organizations. 


Here in New Zealand, I've recently been working with the Gen-i group that are evolving from Gen-i into Spark Digital, part of the Telecom New Zealand, part of companies that are now being re-branded as Spark, or in Gen-i's case, Spark Digital. Now, that journey can be an interesting one, but from a change management perspective, it's really important to pull both customers and staff into that digital future, and I believe digilogue, the convergence between the analogue and the digital world is the key way of managing change management. It recognizes the fact that we mustn't throw the analogue baby away with the digital bathwater and recognizes the contributions of staff who've done belly-to-belly, face-to-face and the personal touch incredibly well over decades of experience, but it also recognizes that the future is increasingly digitized, virtual, cyber and dominated potentially by androids and cyborgs. 


So, it is a nod of respect both to the ways of old and the ways of new, and digilogue is that kind of Swedish diplomatic space in the middle where innovation and change management is increasingly happening. It is the transitional moment in time that is so key for organizations around the world to really get right now at this moment of digital disruption where some organizations are careening too fast into the future and leaving some people behind in the digital divide. To provide a digital provide, you need to reach out and wear your heart on your sleeve and make sure that people's minds and hearts both internally and externally are garnered and are brought into the future together.

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