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Futurist Keynote: A Paradigm Shift In The Customer Journey

13 Oct 2015
In this futurist keynote I speak about digital disruption and more specifically the paradigm shift in the customer journey. More and more marketers and businesses are starting to acknowledge that the customer journey of the past have changed - it's no longer correct to descbribe it as a funnel because today it looks more like a slinky spiral. 

In this keynote I focus on the following digital trends:

  • Alternative digital standards
  • Disintermediating production
  • The paradigm shift in the customer journey 

Alternative digital standards

Digital disruption is challenging the idea of global standards of exchange - Bitcoin is an alternative digital standard for the transacting of value that a new generation in an almost libertarian fashion is embracing as a way to pay for stuff or to receive value from somebody else. This development is making central banks and even banks worried. For further reading about Bitcoin I recommed this recent article, How Bitcoin Has Been Building Brand Equity As A Spectator Of Itself by TechCrunch.

Futurist Keynote: A Paradigm Shift In The Customer Journey - Bitocin

Disintermediating production

Futurist Keynote: A Paradigm Shift In The Customer Journey - Mink App Printer

Even the idea of 3D printing as a result of digital disruption is impacting businesses entire supply chains. 30-year old inventor Grace Choi have created a 3D printer for cosmetics and by doing this she is enabling women to get what they want, when they want it. And it works really simple, you just snap a photo of a object with a certain color and within less than two minutes you can print a lipstick in that exact color. The invention is called Mink and it's the worlds first printer that prints makeup. It will certainly be interesting to see how the $55 billion dollar makeup industry will react to this disruptive innovation. For more information about story check out this article A Harvard Woman Is Blowing Up The $55 Billion Beauty Industry With 3D Printed MakeupDisruptions like Mink disintermediates, changes the supply chain and even the value chain for a lot of businesses.  

The paradigm shift in the customer journey

The customer journey has shifted for the consumer. We love this world when the customer journey was linear and designed by brands, but today it looks more like a slinky spiral were customers are switching between different devices and accessing information in a wide range of different ways. We have moved from the old school marketing funnel to slinky spiral which means that today's brands need to adapt an omnichannel perspective and really think about how they can create a seamless customer experience across all channels. 

Futurist Keynote: A Paradigm Shift In The Customer Journey


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