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How To Predictively Analyse Digital Disruption In Your World

05 Jan 2017

Digital disruption is one of those words that has become so popular that many believe that it’s overused or has lost its true meaning. Nonetheless, the term is important as it highlights the fact that the change enabled by digital technologies happens fast and disrupts the status quo. 


But how do you identify industries that are sticking too rigidly with the status quo and are ready for disruption? And more importantly, how do you know if your industry is at risk of being disrupted in the near future?

In order to answer the question above we encourage you to ask yourself these three questions:
  • Is my industry dominated by a few large firms with complacent leadership?
  • Is recurring and severe customer friction common in my industry?
  • Are there interchangeable middlemen or intermediaries who don’t add value in my industry?

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