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Regenerative Farming Futures and a Sustainable Diet - Scott Gooding & Matilda Brown from The Good Farm

11 Jan 2023

In today’s special episode I sit down with regenerative farmers and food fighters Matilda Brown and Scott Gooding from The Good Farm. Til and Scott share their life journeys of reconnecting with a sustainable diet that includes regenerative meat and animal proteins, the sustainability case for regenerative agriculture, why veganism and vegetarianism is not the climate answer, the importance of soil-based carbon sequestration, how sustainable “comfort food” can save the planet, some Christmas recipes, and why tilling the soil is the new devil (no pun intended, Til).

Regenerative Farming Futures and Sustainable Diet - Preview

We discuss how carbon is not the World’s enemy and why the agricultural system can move from being a massive carbon emitter to a carbon sequesterer, and how we can all enjoy a guilt-free regen ham or Swedish meatballs this Christmas. Welcome to the show, Scott and Til - and thanks for whetting my Christmas appetite in a sustainable fashion... 

Regenerative Farming Futures and Sustainable Diet - full Behind the scenes episode



Regenerative Farming Futures and Sustainable Diet - full podcast episode on Spotify


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