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Sustainability Futurist - Keynote Speaker of the Year

23 May 2022

Professional Speakers Association Award Committee's Motivation:

"This year’s recipient is a world-class speaker.  A speaker of our time.

A leader in the digital medium who has led the fray as a model for others.

We have lived through extraordinary times since the pandemic began and now more so than ever, we need a message that ties the transformation and acceleration of the digital age with the need to protect our humanity. 

This year’s recipient delivers that message with profound insight and world-class stagecraft. They are unquestionably a well-rounded professional speaker who delivers on brand every time, using high-quality video production and up-to-date insights delivered via succinct marketing channels. He embraces the digital mind, the analogue heart and the ever-growing question of sustainability...

Newsletter 3

...He is committed to continually exploring his ability to inspire, engage and entertain audiences. The last two years have seen him find his "speaker zone" with his maturity and knowledge as a speaker coinciding with a complete 180 degree shift in how we work and present. This seamlessness did not come easy and fellow speakers have watched on in admiration as he has crafted his message, his skills and his delivery to become a world-class presenter with a huge global impact. - The 2022 Keynote Speaker of the YearAnders Sorman-Nilsson CSP GSF"


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