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Sustainable Digital Nutrition and Story-Driven Change - Mike Hanley

29 Nov 2022

Today on the 2nd Renaissance, I sit down in the Thinque studio with Mike Hanley. Mike founded the Content Engine in 2019 to work with ambitious organizations to amplify and scale the impact of their communications through quality content. He is also the former head of Digital Communications at the World Economic Forum.

Sustainability and Digital Nutrition Preview


We look at how content and digital nutrition can help change the world and create signal in the noise. We talk about sustainable content strategies, equitable business, what he learnt at the World Economic forum, and how to create memorable memes that change hearts and minds. Mike is an old mate and client of mine, and it was great to have him in the studio while he was on a hiatus in Sydney away from his current home in Geneva, Switzerland - and to co-create digital nutrition.

Sustainability Podcast Full Episode

As Head of Digital Communications at the World Economic Forum for 8 years, he built the team that turned the Forum into the largest owned media publisher in the world. A graduate of the London School of Economics and the London Business School, he has been working to produce the world's best content with some of the world's top organisations for 25 years. The vision at the Content Engine is to become the world’s most advanced content agency, combining technology and art for effective communications.

Spotify Sustainability Episode with Mike Hanley


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