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The Future of Sustainable News - Dan Krigstein Interview

20 Dec 2022

Today on the 2nd Renaissance, I sit down for a deep and meaningful over a sustainable Modus Operandi beer (or two) with Dan Krigstein - Director of The Growth Intelligence Centre at News Corp Australia. We discuss sustainable news and content, responsible production of news stories in the context of synthetic AI-driven media, the changing role of news in an age of influencers and ‘alternative facts’, the hyperspeed of fake news dissemination, the counter-factual to shortened attention spans, the brand damage that comes from cyber security breaches and recycling exposés, and ultimately how brands and businesses can grow ethically and sustainably into the future - in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Preview - Sustainable News and Content with Dan Krigstein

I really enjoyed this odyssey into the metaverse and virtual reality with Dan and I know you will too.

full Vodcast Behind the Scenes - Sustainable News and Content with Dan Krigstein

Now a quick word on pedigree…

Dan is a consumer strategy & analytics leader with global experience across retail, consumer goods, digital & media industries. Dan currently leads News Corp’s Growth Intelligence Centre - supporting publishers, brands, and industries develop growth strategies through unapologetic customer-led thinking and product innovation. Prior to News Corp, Dan spent over a decade building transformative insights capabilities in organisations including Qantas & Paramount Pictures, and 20th Century Fox. Dan spends his life thinking about the future and I am in awe of his data-based foresights and human reflections. On with the show…

full Audio Episode on spotify - Sustainable News and Content with Dan Krigstein


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