What Does the Artificial Intelligence Explosion Mean for You?

Posted on Thursday, 07 Dec 2017

Thinking of the digital world as digitally dehumanised can be all too easy (and that’s certainly how my baby boomer mum thinks of it). Artificial intelligence (AI) is surpassing human intelligence (in narrow fields like Go and Chess), and more and more digital applications and technologies are emerging, powered by AI.

A helpful way to think of AI is to think of both our brains and our brawns. Humans have been able to harness artificial (or animal) power to leverage our cognition. Think of horses, tractors and electric vehicles that have extended our limited human, physical abilities – for example, artificial power provides cars with a lot of horsepower. Now, artificial intelligence is truly arriving to boost brainpower. Just as robots and machines have been doing to our brawns, AI will be now be doing to our brains.

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Tags: Anders Sorman-Nilsson, Futurist, Thinque, Keynote, Artificial Intelligence, Jobs of the Future, Ethical Coding, transformation

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