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2nd Renaissance: Future of Exponential Healthcare with Nichol Bradford

08 Mar 2021



In this episode of the 2nd Renaissance, I learn why as a 40-year-old I should no longer be considered middle-aged courtesy of medical advancements and exponential healthcare technologies. Nichol Bradford - co-founder of the Transformative Technology Lab -  works at the intersection of psychology, neuroscience, behavior, tech and science and her purpose is to accelerate human transformation by leveraging tech to heal, upskill, and enhance humanity. 

She seeks to catalyze new ways to use technology to discover ourselves and to reach our fullest potential, and in this episode we go on a future odyssey that feels as much as health science fiction as -re-assuringly - science fact. We cover topics like emotional intelligence, the future of work, managing our inner landscape, Montessori education and friendly robots - as well as Nichol's favourite biohack apps. The future of healthcare seems to be firmly in the hands of Silicon Valley...




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