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2nd Renaissance: "Stillness as Creative Spaces" w/ Franziska Iseli

24 Feb 2021



Swiss-Australian Franziska Iseli sits down with Swedish-Australian futurist Anders Sörman-Nilsson to discuss Franziska's creative and entrepreneurial journey. They explore how creative ideas that used to emerge for Franziska Iseli of Basic Bananas during inter-continental flights above the clouds, on Swiss ski slopes, or on motorbike trips through Tajikistan - now in a world of lockdowns - might now emerge from the stillness of the subconscious mind instead.

When you can no longer experience extreme contrasts in distant cultures or travel grit, how do you re-create the same immersive experiences that lead to valuable creative outputs from the confines of your home office? What does the shift from 2020 to 2021 mean in terms of rebooting for the future, and how can entrepreneurs and creatives design 'moments of humanity' for their clients, families and teams? In this episode of the 2nd Renaissance, Anders' Entrepreneurs Organization mate Franziska uncovers and decodes how her personal journey from the Swiss Alps to the Northern Beaches of Sydney have led her to become a serial entrepreneur and where the energetic counter-cultural embryo of her creativity resides.


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