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4th Industrial Revolution: The Rise of Transhumanism

30 Sep 2019

We are all cyborgs; a fusion of biology and technology. With the introduction of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), more complex and more intelligent machines has made it so that the reality of getting upgraded with the help of devices isn’t that farfetched. Just as robotics and mechanical exoskeletons can amplify our physical capabilities, AI and digital data analysis now help augment our brains. This is the age of transhumanism.

Though the idea of a half-human/half-robot is most commonly depicted through science fiction, the truth is that humanity has always used tools as extensions of ourselves. With the help of smarter digital devices, we are now able to do more, sense more and experience more than what is biologically possible.

As an example, access to neuroprosthetic implants and virtual reality devices now allow us to have digital experiences where there is no analogue noise. For those who were born with hearing loss, Cochlear implants provide a unique opportunity to hear for the first time. This is just one of the many ways where technology paves the way to make life more humane.



As machines continue to become more intelligent, the singularity timeline is taking us to the cusp of exponential technological growth. Back in 2015, smart devices trumped the brainpower of a mouse. Today, we are steadily moving towards a future where intelligent machines are going to be smarter than all of mankind.

The question is: are you ready for the change?

Our intelligence has set us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom. Are you already exploring innovative avenues for technology to amplify your intelligence? In the future, you get to dictate what sets you apart from artificial intelligences—or what makes you similar. Prepare for the possibilities today.


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