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After the Virus: Future of Local Travel & Sydney Strategy Retreats

16 Jun 2020

COVID-19 presents a challenge to humanity on a global and individual level. The virus has changed our behaviours such as how you greet loved ones and strangers. We are all pivoting, changing, and responding together as we face this health and economic crisis. No one is immune to either. Humanity will conquer this threat by the application of the best of human and artificial intelligence as I mentioned in this Trend Report with ING Bank.

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If digital disruption was the dress rehearsal for your business model’s transformation, COVID19 became the burning platform. By now, we know that this virus has wreaked havoc on lives and livelihoods. None of us has been immune to either type of future shock.

But what does travelling beyond the pandemic look like? And how do we prepare ourselves for it? Where can we get away to gaze across the horizon and elevate our views?


As we see the strict lockdown rules starting to ease, travelling is not going back to what it was. The new way of travelling will include driving over flying, vacation rentals over hotels and a large increase in the use of travel insurance and personal travel advisors. Here is what I had to say on the Future of Travel and the Transformation Economy for Signature Travel's Trend Report:

"“We are moving from an experience economy to an emerging transformation economy. Today’s luxury – great sensory experiences – will be tomorrow’s expectation. While we treasure, collect, and showcase our experiences on Instagram, the next status symbol is the ability to truly transform. Going on a transformational journey of sustainable mental and physical health may well be the future of travel – whether you achieve that during a meditative retreat, an eye-opening festival, or
even during the daily routines of life.”


“Tourism recovery typically begins locally,” said Elizabeth Monahan, spokesperson for “Travellers tend to first venture out closer to home, and visit their local eateries, stay local for a weekend getaway or travel domestically before a robust demand for international travel returns. So, while international travel rated as the top luxury that our clients are looking forward to during a recent webinar poll (39.5% of respondents), we will need to wait a bit longer until this is possible. The good news is that the trend of hyper-local (which I wrote about in our recent Trend Report) can present you with a chance to re-discover your own backyard. 

Polls from 2nd Renaissance Webinar  (2)

If you and your loved ones live in Sydney (like we do) you might be looking for a place to get away to or even to host your next thinking retreat. Up at Great Mackerel Beach, an hour from the Sydney CBD, we have the perfect spot on Pittwater for a local executive strategy retreat or a family get away. The elevated views provide plenty of inspiration and nestled amongst the tree-tops in Ku-Ring-Gai national park, we hope the Sydney Strategy Retreat at Cape Mackerel Cabin will help you to reconnect by disconnecting. Here is a short video to showcase the great thinking opportunities offered by a local getaway.

If you live further afield, what local, secret gems and solace for thinking can you find nearby? 


Treehouse Getaway Story by Remy from Riparide on Vimeo.

If you want to enquire about booking the Cape Mackerel Cabin for your next executive retreat, and / or need a futurist facilitator to help expand your thinking please reach out to me. 


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