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Beyond the Virus: Future of B2B Marketing

14 Oct 2020

Do you remember when we used to speak at conferences, attend networking events, entertain clients, and fly across the world to build personal relationships and try and influence buyers to connect with the brands we represent? Those days are well and truly gone - or at least placed on hold for the foreseeable future. So, how can B2B marketers win the hearts and minds of tomorrow's clients in this digitally decimated marketing landscape? This B2B Marketing Animation video might hold some answers for you on how to connect with clients in the emerging Transformation Economy.



We used to shape and influence our clients via great analogue experiences. Now that our analogue hearts are sadly no longer free to roam around, our digital minds can still connect. While technology has become our lifeline,  this digital transformation also moves us from an experience economy to a transformation economy. Our expectations of our B2B partners is that their products and services will somehow help us self-actualise, be the highest version of ourselves, and create transformational results. No small feat. Have you begun to tell that transformation story yet?


Screen Shot 2020-10-14 at 2.28.22 pm

For years, we have been advising some of the leading brands in the world like Facebook, Microsoft,  Cisco, Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes Benz, McKinsey and Lego on how to create thought leading content marketing for both their digital and analogue customer touch points, and strategised with heritage on brands on how to re-balance their over-indexing in analogue touch points in favour of more creative digital content. The Corona-crisis has added fuel to fire and symbolises a digital inflection point for B2B businesses and how they craft a new transformation narrative for their clients.


Screen Shot 2020-10-14 at 2.27.48 pm

If you are interested in collaborating with us - either to help you craft new Transformation Strategies or a brand collaboration, just like Microsoft, Adobe, Facebook and ING, please get in touch below.

Futurist and Brand Ambassador Anders Sorman-Nilsson





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