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Beyond the Virus: Scenario Planning Animation by Futurist

03 Sep 2020

One of my favourite thought experiments in times of uncertainty is to deliberately imagine that I am a science fiction author. Well, a science fiction author for business at least. Science fiction authors design plausible narrative arcs that help us transcend the present moment and imagine future possibilities. Now, you can either read great science fiction tomes (and you should) to tickle your creativity and imagination, or if you are a business or organisational leader, you can do something similar for your own future strategy and engage in the thought experiment that is Scenario Planning - the great antidote to the COVID-induced inertia many of us feel. 



To learn more about Scenario Planning and its multiple benefits across strategy development, innovation and risk mitigation, check out the video animation above, or why not register for our Corona-Crisis Scenario Planning webinar on-demand?

We can deliver Scenario Planning both in the analogue and virtual realities for your organisation and have helped organisations like New Zealand Rugby, Interpublic Group, Zurich, Isuzu, Entrepreneurs Organization and La Trobe University et al imagine new future scenarios and design innovative strategies. Below you will find a brief video on what this might look like for your organisation as you navigate what we call the 2nd Renaissance - the world beyond the virus. 



Here is what our clients at New Zealand Rugby had to say about our engagement with their board and senior executive team. Feel free to contact us today to book an Exploration Session with futurist Anders Sorman-Nilsson


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