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Change Focus and Set Sail into the Future with a Pre-Mortem

12 Feb 2020

Imagine the following thought experiment: you are now living in the year 2025 and your business has gone belly-up. What were the trends you missed, the signals you chose to ignore and investments you delayed, and delayed that led to that demise?

Let us flip the coin if that all feels too dystopian...

What changes can you make today to prevent this from happening and make sure your business will be around in the years to come? 


When I was invited to be the futurist keynote speaker for Amway's 60th Anniversary on the Symphony of the Seas from Rome to Barcelona in October 2018, these were the questions I asked Amway's global entrepreneurs to ensure their sustained longevity.

Now, I am asking you: are you ready to dip your toes into the ocean of digital opportunities and set sail into the future?

As a futurist I love focusing on the future, like us reverse-historians do, and discuss what is to come. That, in so many ways, is more interesting than things that have already happened.

For years, I have been helping my clients do this by using the Pre-Mortem thought experiment. This tool helps you predict future failures and learn from the thought of them before they have even happened. This is in the truest sense a form of predictive analytics

Myopia and Hyperopia to Scan Multiple Horizons

Studies done by Deborah J. Mitchell of the Wharton School, Jay Russo of Cornell and Nancy Pennington of the University of Colorado show that by doing a pre-mortem, you increase your ability to correctly identify the reason for future outcomes by 30%. Not only will this experiment help you determine the reason for why, say a business project, may or may not work out, but it will help your business take corrective actions before the problem occurs.

A pre-mortem can help you and your business discover new and fast technology to save you from your future problems. It can modify your business processes, transform your culture and improve your customers' experiences as well as guide you in the right direction for the future before it is too late. 

Send your pre-mortem / scenario planning enquiry today! 

Do you want to learn more about how to execute a Pre-Mortem for your business? Take part in my Scenario Planning Webinar where you can learn more about Drivers of Change and embrace the emerging possibilities so that you can be prepared - no matter what the future holds.

Scenario Planning Webinar with Futurist Anders Sörman-Nilsson

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