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How To Connect With The Customer Of Tomorrow

14 Sep 2015

The customer journey of the past was linearly design by brands. The customer journey of the future is designed by customers and looks more like a slinky spiral. Find out how to connect with the customer of tomorrow by curating better journeys. 
Customer Of Tomorrow

This change is driven by the rise of the new consumer. As you can see in the visual above the old consumer are primarily looking for products and services with the lowest price while the new consumers are most interested in the overall value. 

The biggest difference between the old and new consumer is that the new consumer wants to be an active co-creator of content, products and experiences.

To tackle this major change business should strive to create seamless experiences where they put the customer in the center. Furthermore businesses need to adopt a inbound marketing mindset where they focus on creating relevant content that is aligned with the customer's interest. The inbound methodology is all about publishing content in the right place and at the right time. This have proven to be an effective way for brands to create and join conversations without being interruptive. 

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