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Digital Adaptation: Leaving Digital Footprints

22 Feb 2016

Here is a short YouTube-video from a keynote I did for Westpac Banking. In this short video I talk about digital adaptation, the transition from cash-based systems of payments to new digital systems of payments and the digital footprints that we leave behind us. 


These digital footprints can help business predict consumers behaviour and direct it in certain ways. Brands that are digitally adaptive have the opportunity to use this information to create more innovative, contextual and relevant ways of communicating with their customers. In this keynote I speak about the importance of being presents in the different micro-moments when we as consumers are thinking about our needs, desires and aspirations. 


Google defines micro-moments as those moments when "consumers expect brands to adress their needs with real-time relevance". Furthermore they are described as critical touch points in the consumer journey that in the long run determines the decisions that the consumer makes. 

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