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Digitizing Operations: Robots, Recycling and Sustainability

18 Oct 2019

In 2018, Apple installed 400 megawatts of solar-powered panels to offset their carbon emissions. In total, they successfully lowered the energy output of their products by 70%. As Apple’s manufacturing sites now support renewable energy, they have also developed innovative methods to recycle old iPhones.

Sitting in Austin, Texas, Apple’s research lab is pioneering digitized recycling which shows that they are not only taking the lead among tech companies in using renewable energy but also when combining robotics with sustainability efforts.

In 2016, they built Liam to help pick old iPhones apart and salvage every bit of it for future use. Two years later, Apple revealed Daisy expanding their corporate sustainability efforts to a more global one. While Liam can disassemble 1 phone every 11 seconds, Daisy (made from Liam’s recycled parts) can disassemble 15 every 60 seconds. Apple has also invited researchers and other companies to their lab to learn how the robot works.

When corporations combine human intelligence with robotic intelligence, innovative solutions such as Liam and Daisy can greatly impact industries of tomorrow. But digitizing operations shouldn’t only happen once your product is no longer usable—it should be evident throughout the entire value chain. This is how sustainability and efficiency begins.


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