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Disruptive Thinking: Preparing for Unpredicatable Futures

09 Oct 2014

Moving to digital platforms has become a business imperative. But as we push to take customer engagement online and scale our inputs and outputs, customers are increasingly demanding more meaningful connections.



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Winning strategies of today must blend the faceless digital world of tomorrow with the high-touch analogue world of yesterday.

How do companies hold on to their legacies and combine analogue values like customer service and storytelling, with digital technologies like customizable online stores, multi-channel marketing, express delivery, as well as unknown advancements yet to come, to engage with the 21st century customer?

On November 10th / 2014, to be held at the Executives Club - Chicago, futurist and innovation strategist Anders Sorman-Nilsson will share lessons on how business leaders can think differently, identify new, non traditional partnerships and alignments, and create proactive strategies on the digital-analogue spectrum to satisfy the needs of the customers of tomorrow, and plan for the unforseeable future.

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