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Farming Futures: tradition meets technology

11 Feb 2013

Farming Futures: tradition meets technology


What does the future of farming look like? What forces will shape farmers' futures? How will agriculture shift over the near and long-term futures? What does the explosion in global population mean for farming?


  • How do farmers retain tradition, while adopting technology?
  • And how do consumer trends like locavorism and organic food play into a world which is increasingly demanding more of our farmers? 
  • And how will the planet cope?


US Department of Agriculture Agriculture Futurist


These have been some of the questions I have been asked in my capacity as a futurist recently. In my latest engagements across the US, I have been engaging in strategy conversations with feedlot managers and owners from Amarillo, Texas, Boise, Idaho, and Kansas City, Missouri, and scenario planning the future with fertiliser professionals from the great state of Minnesota. 


Napa Organic Future of Farming


To give you a flavour of an agricultural futurist view of the coming years, check out this slide deck of some of the disruptive forces that will both challenge and buoy the industry over the next few decades. 


What do you think? 

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