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The Future of Employer Branding: Social Media Meets Thought Leadership: Randstad, Melbourne Breakfast 2011

15 Jun 2011

Check out keynote speaker Anders Sorman-Nilsson's presentation on the future of employer branding at Randstad's thought leadership breakfast series around Australia. 

With a changing economic environment and business landscape, branding and marketing is no longer just about capturing attention - it's about spreading ideas via new forms of media and positioning your organisation as the "go-to-expert".  Your in-house thought leaders' ideas and intellectual property is what will give life to your logo, today and in the future. 

So, do your leaders think, act and lead as thought leaders or thought repeaters? Are you using social media to attract thought leading talent, spread their ideas and expose clients to your brand? Thought leadership is one of the key attraction, engagement and retention tools for talent today.

In Anders Sorman-Nilsson's Prezi, you will learn how to: 


  1. communicate your organisation's thought leadership brand to talent and clients, using three key social media platforms. 
  2. take five critical steps to establishing thought leadership in your industry. 
  3. strategically use new media to amplify your employer brand in an engaging fashion. 


Anders is the founder and creative director of the research company Thinque, and renowned author of the book 'Thinque Funky: Update Your Thinking'. He is also one of 25 internationally accredited Thought Leaders Mentors. His unique future thinking provides GPS directions for leaders, teams and business owners seeking to navigate a constantly shifting business landscape, and successfully enter a new decade of thinking. 

For more information, visit our Thinque Tank YouTube Channel.

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