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Future Trendspots (Shanghai): Real Estate = Ripe for Disruption (Pt2)

14 May 2015

future trendspots disruption real estate

Good day, Anders Sorman-Nilsson here, futurist, and the founder of the research think tank - Thinque - which is based in Sydney and Stockholm, today broadcasting from the Grand Hyatt in Shanghai. 

In my last blog post and future trendspot video I discussed the idea of Transforming Interfaces and secondly the idea of On Demand Co-Workers. In this follow-up video I focus specifically on how the idea of Collaborative Consumerization and digital trends are changing future of work and the sharing of information to drive innovation. This will of course  impact the real estate industry and could potentially cause disruption for other industries as well. 

Some of the best inspirational case studies that I can think of when it comes to really good knowledge management and knowledge sharing and suggestions of solutions using great visualized media comes from business to consumer (B2C) examples. One that I covered at the Cushman & Wakefield Leadership conference was Netflix

future trendspots consumerization disruption

They provide us with great digital media content but the other thing they do really well is that they give us personalized recommendations based on our own individual viewing habits and also what other people with similar viewing habits watch. Now, imagine if the same kind of technology were applied in large organizations! Look at the future trendspotting video above and hear my ideas on how this kind of thinking and technology could change the way we work!

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