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How Brands Use Digital Storytelling To Engage Their Customers

13 Aug 2015

In this video blog post I'm talking about a couple of up and coming brands that are doing Digital Storytelling really well while they are placing the customer in the center of the conversation. 

The digitisation of everything has transformed products into services and we are now seeing the end of downloads of some media. We have moved from CDs and tape casettes into renting access to a service, or music as a service, which means we are now paying for the access to music instead of owning the physical album or single.

The digitisation drives personal stories. Spotify is a great example of this where your friends and followers can create playlists for you and as a user you can follow various users that you know have a good taste in music. In that way you can personalize your own music experience and listening habits.

Every individual has a story. We like to think of our own lives as movies, so when we are walking down the street we want to be listening to geolocation specific music and something that is intuned with our mood. New digital services are enabling this. We can tune into things like GeoTunes on Spotify that offer us hyperlocal information and content. Furthermore it provides its users with new ways to discover relationships between songs and their geographical context. Analogue could never do this, but digital is able to provide us with these kind of services. 

geotunes spotify

In this video I also speak about the case of AirBnB and GoPro and how they are placing their customers in the center of the conversation and turning them into heroes. 

What is important to think about if you are a marketer, entrepeneur or a business leader is how your brand connects with the consumer or the customer and how you can help them to create their own personalized brand experience and brand story. 

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