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How driverless cars will change the world

14 Jul 2015

In this intriguing TED-talk Chris Urmson, the Director of Self-Driving Cars at Google gives us some fresh insight into where his program is right now and shares some captivating footage that shows us how the car sees the road. 

One interesting thing he mention in the talk is that the driver statistically is the least reliable part of the car. Umson also tells us that when the german engineer and inventor of the first automobile powered by an internal combustion engine, Karl Benz took out his car for the first public test drive he crashed into a wall. 

For the last 130 years we have been working around that least reliable part, the driver, says Chris Urmson. 


And now Google are starting to see some real progress in their program. In the blog post My powerful insights on the future of the food industry we wrote about the impact of robotisation on the agricultural industry and the society at large. One interesting fact we discussed was that the American Trucking Association back in 2010 warned the industry that by 2022 there would be a massive shortfall of 239 000 truckdrivers because of driverless trucks. 

Of course there is a risk that driverless cars will steal jobs, however the positive news is that the self-driving cars of the future will probably be much safer and they have the potential to help us adapt to a more sustainable future. According to a recent study, replacing the majority of private cars with a fleet of self-driving electric taxis could reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by 90 percent.

It is clear is that driverless cars, the digital revolution and the robotisation will create disruption in a wide array of markets and industries. As a futurist, innovation strategist and founder of the strategic think tank Thinque I wonder if your business is agile enough and ready for this unpredictable future. 

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