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Law of Diffusion of Innovations - iPads and Vaccines

25 Mar 2021

As a leader, humanist, and entrepreneur if no one buys into your innovations and transformation ideas, well, you are just out on a solo walk in the woods. How do we get innovations - like digital transformation - to spread?

When we innovate and create something novel that is of value to other people - whether internally inside your organisation or externally to the humans we serve - we have to think about how we disseminate the value of our 'idea virus' (excuse the (un)timely memetic pun).


The concept here, as political leaders and scientists around the world would echo, is that 'vaccines in a vial serves no one, but vaccinations do'. In other words, the product without the uptake, or the idea without the execution, is pretty meaningless.

In 2019, I worked with Astra Zeneca's leadership in Barcelona in the context of digital transformation, and I shared Everett Roger's sociologist / communication idea of how ideas spread - the 'Law of Diffusion of Innovations' as a model for how we can create a compelling and data-based science fiction story to nudge human transformation across society. For any innovation - whether vaccine or iPad - to become successful it needs to win human hearts and minds...

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