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Media Futurist: How Will Artificial Intelligence Affect Your Life?

23 Aug 2023

How will the world of Artificial Intelligence affect your life? This Channel 7 Flashpoint story explores how AI is changing the way we work, how education is adapting and if creativity is doomed... check out Channel 7's interview with futurist Anders Sörman-Nilsson now.


Content is chemistry wrapped in narrative. In this tech-driven 2nd Renaissance, we have the ability to influence thoughts, feelings - brain chemistry - with the content and brand stories we create - that is a huge responsibility but also a creative opportunity. While customers' information-focussed minds are now firmly digital, their hearts are enduringly emotional and analogue and thus we have to embrace Digilogue storytelling using emerging technologies to win both hearts and minds - and increasingly a company's sustainable brand accountability is the digitally verified story that is winning both hearts and minds. Trust - a confident relationship with the unknown - is built on believable, authentic, immersive, cybersecure and sustainable stories which means that every brand is now a media brand. Whether we have embraced that reality or not is now up to creative, conscious leaders who are crafting the heartfelt, sustainable stories of tomorrow. Are you one of them?


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