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Predictive Maintenance of Humans - Futurism by Nike

18 May 2021


A few years ago, I ran the New York Marathon spontaneously - with 16 hours preparation. Don't try this at home, ladies and gentlemen.

Now, I always knew that the last 24.5 miles were going to suck. But at least to my aid, I had a little piece of digital hardware and software in the back of my pocket, a little piece of software from Nike Plus that integrated with Facebook, so every time I got a like, I got a little virtual cheer through my earbuds.

I could tell the couple of times I slowed down to go to the bathroom to just hide from the world or when I sped up to go through more dangerous neighborhoods.

Nike now knows that for me who used to run in Asics, once I log into the software five times, I'm more likely to buy what? The hardware because of the software. They give me heat-based maps so I could navigate better next time around, or topographical maps so I could figure out how to overtake the competition sooner than at the halfway mark next time around.

Now, for every step I take, for every breath I make, I know Nike is watching me-- being able to give me very personalized recommendations for my portfolio of Nike goods.

Imagine what we could all do when we start tapping into data. In this pre-world we can all make smart decisions, ladies and gentlemen...

Check out the full keynote from Dallas for Milestone Systems below. 



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