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Promise Or Peril: Preparing for Fourth Industrial Revolution

11 Oct 2019

As physical, digital and biological worlds converge in the 4th Industrial Revolution, manufacturing robots are able to make calculated decisions through sophisticated systems. This phenomenon is leading people to question what it means to be human as companies launch machines that enable seamless interconnectivity.

While some believe these advancements will connect billions of people even more while improving quality of life, others warn that technology creates a greater divide between the rich and the poor—and that we risk losing the true essence of being ‘human’.

As these changes impact countries, business sectors, economies and the humans in them, we need to prepare.  Keep these futurist tips in mind:


Be open to unlearning everything you know

Most business leaders and workers are risk-averse and often think in linear and non-disruptive ways. But for companies to survive, we need to take steps to analyse the impact of automation and technology on industries, so that we can shift away from a reactive mindset to a more proactive one.  

We need to leverage automation and equip people so that they become more digitally savvy. This change can spell the difference between brands thriving or dying.


Stop thinking of humans as humans, and robots as robots

People have already started to evolve into ‘cyborgs’. With the intervention of technology—through artificial limbs, Cochlear implants, and various other means—mental and physical abilities are now being augmented.

This directional development will only continue to gather speed, until humans as we define them today won’t exist—and we become transhumans. By learning to understand the threat of the technological unknown, we will be less intimidated and can begin to empathise with technological development to further humanity.


Think more about the past, to change the future

To improve the future, people and companies should create solutions for predicaments that were previously unsolvable. 3D printing now allows manufacturers to print machine (and human) parts with less tooling and at a lower cost than previous alternatives. Large companies like Ford are already using this technology, so brands in every industry need to catch up, adapt their processes and start realising that every company is now a technology company.

In the years to come, the world has the potential to become a different place, where humanity and technology merge like never before. Science fiction is fast becoming science fact. Business leaders, parents, and entrepreneurs have to start thinking like futurists to become science fiction authors of a more humane narrative - courtesy of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Map out every foreseeable future and prepare for every scenario.

Scenario Planning Webinar with Futurist Anders Sörman-Nilsson


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