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Retail as Entertainment: Optimising your Brand for Mobile Interaction

08 Jul 2019

Technology is changing how people shop. Statista forecasts that online mobile shopping will make up 72.9% of e-commerce sales by the year 2021.

It comes as no surprise that retail platforms such as Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba innovate to keep customers interested. Just look at how the world’s largest retail and e-commerce company took a little known celebration—November 11, also known as Singles Day—and revamped it into a major shopping event that has since surpassed Black Friday and Cyber Monday with over $45 billion worth of goods purchased in just 24 hours.

The numbers are in favour of mobile devices and consequently, mobile-friendly websites. Google’s algorithm is rumoured to change to a mobile-first index, which begs the question: is your business mobile optimised for a future where we all take matters literally into our own hands?

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