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Retail Renaissance: Matt Newell from The General Store / 2nd Renaissance

08 Apr 2021

What does the future of retail look like? Who better to ask than Matt Newell, CEO of the General Store, who is the designer and mastermind behind some of the world's top brands and their store concepts - both digital and analogue. Matt is passionate about translating future brand stories through experiential and immersive consumer touch points - from end to end. COVID-19 has unleashed the fastest and biggest human behaviour change program at scale - ever - and consumer values and beliefs have fundamentally shifted. We are not going back to 2019 in 2021.

We uncover how the pandemic was a time for retailers to simultaneously slow down and take stock and re-imagine their futures - at speed. We sit down for a deep and meaningful in this episode of the 2nd Renaissance to look at how retail brands must re-invent themselves to accelerate out of the curve and who the winners and losers of tomorrow's Retail Renaissance might be, and what determines where a retail brand will sit on the K-shaped economic recovery journey in Tomorrowland.



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