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Stories from the Future - Interview with Soren Trampedach, Workclub

03 Oct 2018

WorkClub CEO Soren Trampedach and Thinque Futurist Anders Sorman-Nilsson

thinque launches Stories from the Future (video series) 

This guy is taller me. Damnit. He is also very interesting, the Great Dane, Soren Trampedach, CEO of WorkClub Global, who is our first feature in 'Stories From The Future'. Tune into our deep dive into designing acoustics for innovation, why candlelight can boost creativity, and why sustainability starts with sourcing quality and durability, and of course how all of this relates to The Future of Work. 

We are thrilled to be launching the video series 'Stories From the Future'. Our first guest is my Scandinavian co-conspirator, and the Danish-Australian CEO of Work Club, Soren Trampedach. In the first episode of this series of interviews with futurists, misfits, and entrepreneurial thought leaders we tune into the concept of "Anti-Disciplinarianism", the importance of diversity, and why we will still need physical collaboration space in age where most cognitive grunt work will be done by Artificial, rather than Human, Intelligence. News about the series can be found on Instagram, Linkedin and across our social media landscape.

Check out the first video interview intro below...


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