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Sustainable Futures: Decoupling Through Technology

04 Mar 2021


Can we do more with less? Can we have our cake and eat it too? It seems we can if you tune into Andrew McAfee's latest book 'More from Less', which argues that technology is helping us decouple productivity gains from planetary resources

Whale in New York.001

An example he quotes in his research is the humble iPhone. Back in the 1990s this Radioshack advertisement tried to sell us on the services and features contained in a multitude of different pieces of hardware, all responsible for using up planetary resources and all contributing to global carbon emissions. Now, all the functions these pieces of hardware delivered are houses in the iPhone - a device made partially from recycled minerals and materials and re-assembled by the robots Liam and Daisy. 


In this virtual keynote for the University of Loyola Chicago's School of Business, I argue that brands and organisations can get a lot closer to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals by investing in the right technologies - thus providing them with both productivity gains, while dematerializing - thus, treading more gently on our planet.





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