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Canva: The Art and Science of All-in-One Design Software

13 Dec 2019

When the Internet revolutionized communications and commerce in the late 90s, the world gradually became interconnected. From the very first online information and email services, businesses found new ways to leverage the World Wide Web to reach out to their customers. And as technology grew more complex while also making our lives less complicated, business-customer interaction also evolved. What used to be a linear customer journey has turned into a slinky spiral with multiple digital touchpoints.

Today, people spend the majority of their time online, and businesses are aiming to make consumer experiences as seamless as possible. For most, this means finding the right kind of software to support multiple organizational processes.

Upon meeting Melanie Perkins, Canva’s CEO, she described how her company has been helping small to medium enterprises (SMEs) implement uniform branding throughout their digital and printed assets.

Complementary colours, attractive fonts, and high-resolution images are meant to catch the eye. When Canva started in 2012, Melanie’s vision was to launch an all-in-one design platform to help SMEs craft creative collaterals. No longer would people be reliant on learning specific software tools to meet requirements, while also designing from scratch. By integrating a drag-and-drop feature, Canva made it so that non-designers could learn how to create quality visuals.

Canva’s goal is to help businesses turn ideas into beautiful designs—with as little friction as possible. Stock images, font faces and layouts are all available on the platform. This makes it easy and efficient to pull design elements together in one place. What’s more, businesses have the option to create their own templates to implement uniform formats throughout their collaterals. If you're keen on exploring their tool, you can make an account here.

When brands are able to communicate and interact with their customers through uniform branding and clear messaging, the experience lasts. And with the help of sophisticated tools, it’s possible to create personalised and humane interactions with customers without going off-brand.

Technology will never be this fast or this slow ever again. As the seconds tick by, it’s crucial to turn your company’s solutions into meaningful exchanges with your customers. That way, every interaction will not just be a simple sales talk.

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