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The Disruptive Potential of the Internet of Things

13 Aug 2019

The use of wi-fi technology to connect to the internet is no longer limited to laptops, mobile phones, or the navigation devices installed in cars. Today, we automate our shopping lists through Amazon Alexa and even programme washing machines to manage laundry without much intervention.The Internet of Things is when various devices communicate with each other. In the case of Google Nest, the thermostat not only adjusts temperatures for comfort—it also serves as a central intelligence hub for your home. It switches off when you are away, helping you reduce carbon emissions and your energy footprint. The recent release of its developer’s kit has moved Nest beyond a thermostat with a beautiful interface. Integrations to other smart devices now allow consumers to make better decisions about both their energy use and their time.

According to Statista, the total number of installed devices connected to the Internet of Things is expected to amount to 75.44 billion by 2025. As AI technology evolves, the disruptive power of the Internet of Things is in how it will radically change work for consumers and industries.

The machines of tomorrow will be much more sophisticated. To help you cope with the exponential changes happening now and in the foreseeable future, download our scenario planning sheet.

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