The Future of Work: Anti-Disciplinary Thinking & Brand

Posted on Wednesday, 07 Nov 2018


Why is Brand more important than strategy & What Discipline Are You Really In?

What is the DNA of the Brand we belong to? Is Brand more important than strategy?

In this collaboration with WorkClub, futurist Anders Sörman-Nilsson and WorkClub Founder Soren Trampedach discuss the Future of Work and the Convergence of Industries. Soren has coined a term - Anti-Disciplinary Thinking - to think outside the boxes and boundaries of your industry. According to Soren, thinking too deeply in your own silo or industry is a sure fire way to demise, and that surrounding yourself with diverse thinking creatives is the best way to insure yourself for the future. At the same time, how do your empower your people to make real-time decisions? In a world where culture eats strategy for breakfast, it is clear that Brand and Culture trumps the most beautiful strategic plans - particularly in these exponential times in which we now live. Check out this video interview below. 


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