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Personal Leadership Branding

24 May 2011

The more networked and the stronger your online brand - the more valuable you are to your present employer and to your future employers. Smart employers today recruit not only for your inherent talent, but also for your digital influence, the new school version of 'the little black book'. 

Ask yourself:

  • How many connections do you have on Linkedin?
  • What percentage endorse you? 
  • What sort of engagement do you see on your blog?
  • Are your colleagues 'liking' it? 
  • Are you rated as an expert on Linkedin's QnA? 
  • Do people trust you in an on-line and off-line sense? 
  • What are you currently known for in the market place?
  • Are you considered an organisational or external thought leader?

If you want to find out more about how to position your personal leadership branding, or even your thought leadership please sign up for "The Thinque Zine".

You will learn how to:

  • boost your personal leadership branding both on and offline
  • map what your value proposition really is in the market place
  • to flexibly communicate your brand essence no matter what stakeholders you're pitching to
  • use a powerful model to step up into and communicate your own expertise - thought leadership - to the market place
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