Future-proofing yourself and your career

Posted on Thursday, 08 Mar 2018


Historically, the workforce as always been pretty fluid – as employment requirements waned in one industry, they grew in another, and people eventually learned new skills and flowed across. Economists point to the historical changing nature of work as reason not to fear the robots coming for your job. But work is changing at a faster rate, and technological advances are affecting more people than ever before. So how do you protect yourself and train for jobs that might not exist yet?

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We’ve all heard the warnings that robots are coming for our jobs, and that this threat is only going to grow exponentially in the future, and dramatically change the work environment. Indeed, a statistic quoted by the World Economic Forum estimates 65 per cent of children entering primary school today will grow up to be employed in jobs that don’t yet exist. So, with no specific indication yet what these jobs might end up being, how do you prepare yourself and your children for the future of work?

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