5 questions to Move from Digital Disruption to Digital Transformation

Posted on Monday, 09 Apr 2018

Digital disruption is not new and it's been coming for all businesses – it has just been a matter of when and how big the disruption was going to be. So how can you respond now that we are living in a Post-Digital Disruption Society? How can your business take advantage of digital advances without losing your human touch?

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Tags: digital disruption, business failure, adaptation, digilogue, digital transformation, seamless, pre-mortem

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In recent blogs I’ve discussed some of the disruptive changes that banking and finance have been going through over the last five years. I covered the cost of cyber criminals, and how banks need to be transformed by innovation rather than weighted down by regulation. As the banks move slowly towards change, we’ve seen financial technology companies like Lendico, TransferWise, FutureAdvisor and Tink revolutionise the ways consumers do their banking. Banking today has, thanks to digital technologies, become increasingly democratised and mobilised as the FinTech players decoupled consumers from their primary financial and banking relationship. In short, they’re enabling a more empowered future for adaptive futurephiles.

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