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Digilogue Casestudy 'Catching Feelings': Mondi x Adobe Stock

13 Oct 2020

There are certain moments when clients 'just get it'. One such moment and one such client is Mondi - the world's leading manufacturer of high end paper products. I view Mondi as an enabler of creatives, and in an increasingly digitised world, they provide a human touch which catalyses creative leadership. In a world where so much content is digitised and where we are bombarded with digital noise, Mondi and their creative collaborators create analogue signal in a world of incessant noise.

My analogue heart was moved when my client, Johannes Klumpp, Mondi's Marketing & Sales Director reached out to share this 'digilogue' campaign with Adobe Stock which symbolises Mondi's strategy to win digital minds and analogue hearts. 


During our collaborations with Mondi, we have created thought leadership videos & content marketing for Mondi and their channel partners, run strategy workshops and spoken at their St Petersburg summit, and we also partnered with my publisher, Wiley, on the special edition Pergraphica-version of one of my books 'Digilogue: how to win the digital minds and analogue hearts of tomorrow's customers'.


It is great to see a concept and a meme - Digilogue - come alive and how something as simple as the fusion of the digital and analogue can catalyse so much creativity. 



Personally and professionally, getting messages of thanks like this from clients means the world and I am eternally thankful to Johannes and his team at Mondi for sharing their successes and implementations with us. 


Screen Shot 2020-10-13 at 2.58.52 pm

Screen Shot 2020-10-13 at 3.00.39 pm

If you want to share a success story with us based on something inspirational we have shared with you where you are now creating the future, please reach out to me via email or Linkedin. If you want to pick up a copy of Digilogue you can do so on this link or below.


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